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  1. DIY Mods contributed by members
  2. Sharing my CAI DIY setup
  3. My 1st DIY MOd =)
  4. MY 2nd DIY MOd >> Cupholder Cover =)
  5. Glove box LED DIY
  6. My 3rd DIY MOd >> Inner 4th Brake Light =)
  7. Wire connectors for DIY
  8. DIY Shelf & LED Ambient Light for armrest console
  9. DIY Footwell/Pedal Lighting
  10. [How to] Remove your stains left by adhesive tapes
  11. Help Needed!
  12. DIY : Maintain ur own E-Throttle :D
  13. [How to] DIY your own Projector Headlights
  14. DIY brake light / Apexi open pod / K&N drop in
  15. Side of front bumper came off... Need help
  16. CAI 1st stage radical setup!
  17. LED Strips on Door HELP!
  18. DIY replace spark plug
  19. Mitsubishi Part Numbers from Tecdoc
  20. interior dash panel
  21. 4G1* SERIES Engine Workshop Manual
  22. HELP IAT or MAF sensor
  23. My 1st LED DIY @ Rear lights
  24. LED strip wire tap....
  25. How to DIY the Door down guide light
  26. Help Needed!!!!!!!
  27. CS3 Soundproof DIY
  28. DIY spray paint chrome lining on EX doors
  29. Diy carbon sticker for aircon panel
  30. Single Throttle Bodies
  31. DIY enthuiasts
  32. D.I.Y. Grooming
  33. DIY 12leds 3rd brake light
  34. DIY : Steering Wheel
  35. Paintless Dent Removal
  36. RRE EVO X Tech Tips And Articles
  37. DIY paint brake callipers
  38. D.I.Y CS3 2DIN & A/C Fascia MOD
  39. Chrome molding strip installation?
  40. [How to] Add multifunction sound controlling bottuns
  41. Tinting tail lamp and head lamp
  42. Help help...
  43. Matt black colour spray
  44. CS3 fl front grille
  45. A Cheapo DIY Car Video Recorder
  46. DIY on restoration of rims
  47. SCC hollow Noise
  48. How do I remove the door panels?
  49. DIY Interior Painting
  50. DIY Spray paint side mirror
  51. Matt Black Sticker
  52. Ignition Key Ring for CS3
  53. Oxygen Sensor
  54. DIY Rear-lights
  55. DIY Boot Light
  56. DIY LED eyelid
  57. CS3 Sport Edition Spoiler Brake Wire
  58. How to Fix Evo 9 Steering?
  59. Connectors
  60. Where is the firewall for cs3?
  61. How to put back A-pillar cover for EX?
  62. Rear door window switch..
  63. DIY basic headlight to dark face?
  64. DIY Fuel Cover Wrap With 3M Di-noc Carbon Fiber vinyl
  65. DIY Vinyl Wrapping Part 2
  66. what is the type/size for chrome lining?
  67. DIY for TWM Shortshifter for Lancer EX
  68. Re: All about the ABCs
  69. stock intake mod!
  70. DIY wraping!!!!
  71. DIY - Patch up and respray scratches of Front Lip
  72. DRY carbon on aircon HU pannel
  73. Anyone tried DIY bucket seat into office chair?
  74. Peddle Shift
  75. DIY Vinyl Wrapping Part 3
  76. Add Red Outline to my Speedo & RPM Meter
  77. DIY air con pipe insulation.
  78. DIY Request
  79. simota carbon charger + open pod below
  80. anyone know where to spray interior
  81. DIY UR Rear Strut Bar
  82. Interior Panel - Panda Style
  83. DIY - Panel Cluster LED Screwed
  84. DIY - Removing rear bumper lip
  85. anyone diy lancer ex speedo led
  86. Diy front lamp (black)
  87. My D.I.Y intake mod
  88. DIY mods
  89. RED CF Print
  90. Any step by step guide ?
  91. Remover of the cowl and wiper arm
  92. ex front chrome
  93. How to remove chrome sticker!!
  94. CS3 AC Knob
  95. DIY - Front vlip
  96. DIY- Sunglasses Compartment
  97. Wrap bucket seat
  98. WTB - iPhone/iPod cable RCA/USB
  99. DIY engine cover and strut bar paint job
  100. Spray paint or Arvin fiber wrap
  101. Acc wire
  102. My first DIY :)
  103. Need help on DIY Side Mirror Wrap
  104. DIY CAI + HS - My first and second..
  105. DIY: UR Front Strut Bar
  106. Has anyone tried 3M Marine Ultra performance paste wax?
  107. pedal
  108. Sharing of lobang : Fix it pro Scratch-Repair-Pen
  109. Help needed to remove CS3 Fl front bumper
  110. RPM gauge how to fix on ?
  111. Regarding turbo on cs3
  112. how to reset SRS on a cs3?
  113. Fog Lights Issues
  114. Engine cover Re-spray
  115. DIY Sunshade
  116. CHROME door handle to Matt black
  117. Car Alarm Indication light and sound
  118. Re-Lacquer Carbon Fibre GT Wing
  119. Dismantle steering with airbag
  120. Front bumper dismantle and taillight change to sport edition
  121. Thorough windscreen cleaning.
  122. diy heatshield
  123. Auto gear panel
  124. DIY Soundproofing
  125. CF hood tray to channel rain-water away from air filter
  126. How to remove hand brake grip for lancer ex
  127. Gear console panel...
  128. question on diy interior top
  129. CAI AirBox Help Needed. Thanks
  130. Hardwiring Power Magic Pro
  131. My first DIY..
  132. anyone diy engine cover with normal temp spray can ?
  133. glx o2 sensor wiring
  134. How to conceal cable for front and rear camera for lancer CS
  135. Which location to penetrate for power cable from battery to amplifier
  136. DIY 3rd brake light on CS3
  137. How to clean your throttle body and MAF sensor. *** Read disclaimer FIRST
  138. Hurricane Air Filter
  139. Fuel pump power supply wire ..
  140. Gold Plating
  141. cs3 diy change coolant
  142. Checking Engine Oil level [CS 3 Lancer]
  143. Footwell led strips shorted instruments panel lights
  144. Plasti Dip or Easyskin?
  145. DIY rear seat AC vents?
  146. CS 3 tablet mount DIY
  147. EX Soundproofing (Roof) DIY