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20-Jul-2011, 11:21 AM
Dear All,

Recently, the past 3-4 tanks of petrol only last me like 9~10km/L. Usually i get 11++km/L normal driving habit.

I am using Esso Synergy 8000 and engine and exhaust and turbo are in stock condition.

Recently i got my throttle body clean-up due to frequent stalling and also my timing belt was replaced.

Anyone has any ideas what probably be the cause:

1) Blackened Engine Oil due for Change ?
2) Air filter cloaked ?
3) Over rich fuel mixture ?
4) Spark plug burn out ?
5) Mismatch Air/fuel ratio ? requires tuning ?

Please advise dear bros ?


20-Jul-2011, 07:47 PM
i have the same issue.
After 80K servicing by CH motors, all went downhill.

20-Jul-2011, 09:12 PM
maybe is fuel filter?

21-Jul-2011, 04:10 PM
Hi Huat,

Have you change the fuel filter before ?

I bought it but yet to change!

30-Jul-2011, 11:44 AM
Btw, just found out from mechanic, after servicing throttle body the FC will go up as ECU relearn on the new airflow difference... not sure how true

30-Jul-2011, 06:00 PM
then its not the throttle body but its the ECU relearning that caused the high FC?

I heard have to tune the ECU as the setting is too rich.

31-Jul-2011, 06:56 PM
Mozyx I haven change fuel filter yet but I know fuel filter do affect fc