View Full Version : Enquire on pricings for my focal vr165

05-May-2012, 04:22 AM
Hi guys.. need some help here.
I wanna let go my focal polyglass component speakers, model: Vr 165. Never got the chance to install due to heavy work schedule.

Bought these online, but no time to fix.. not into ice anyway! haha..
How much can i sell it away? any ideas? forget how much i bought it!
Cant find my receipt.. hmm.. Thanks a million!

05-May-2012, 09:49 PM
How much u selling if price ok maybe i will get from u.

06-May-2012, 03:45 PM
How much u selling if price ok maybe i will get from u.

Hi bro Wen.. U're the one bought my s90 tb at tampines??
hmm.. in terms of pricing, i really have no clue, not into ice system! u pm me your offer?
really cannot rem how much i bought it for..

20-May-2012, 04:40 AM
Hi bro ash.

Your mailbox full. Please PM.

Local set? Under warranty? How much you letting it go?

Thank you

20-May-2012, 10:03 PM
Hi bro.. My pm already deleted. Here's my link;

Asking $300..