View Full Version : How to self install front speakers + tweeters

19-May-2008, 03:02 PM
hi to all bros & sis,

help needed.

wanted to put up my pair of sony front speakers & tweeter from my previous ride to current EX. any advise on steps to remove the door board & the tweeter holder next to side mirror?

Got a 500W sony amplifier as well but not too sure if there's a feel of hollowness in the cabin without soundproofing.

consideration is no intention to spend further on soundproofing but make do with existing amp, speakers + tweeters. Installer can pretty well do the job for everthing @ abt $100+ but worry about sound quality without soundproofing. Last resort is to just put up the speakers + tweeters. any form of advise appreciated. tks a million. :roll: