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24-Jan-2007, 01:30 PM
Hi all,

I've come across some useful informations (read from somewhere) and like to share in this forum

Recommended Guages peak settings (in genearal only. tunnings might be different settings). And what happens if readings were not within setting limits.

Water temp. Highest 100deg C Lowest 70deg C

Too high: Overheat, Loss of power, loss of fuel efficiency knocking occurs
Too Low: Loss of power, loss of fuel efficiency

Oil Temp. Highest 110 deg C Lowest 70 deg C

Too high: Engine trouble from cut in oil film
Too low: loss of power due to oil viscosity resistance

Exhaust temp Highest 900 (turbo) degC Lowest 400 deg C
800 (NA) deg C

Too high: boost increase too high, danger of blowing engine due to thin air fuel consumption
Too Low: bad response and fuel efficiency due to thin air fuel consumption

Oil Press. Highest 8 Bar Lowest 1 bar

Too high: Engine blown due to lack of oil or clogged filter
Too low : engine blown due to insufficient, oil, broken pump, clogged filter or poor viscosity

Fuel Press. Hightest 4 Bar Lowest 2 Bar

Too high: Shortened fuel pump life, broken or clogged fuel line, broken pressure valve
Too low : Loss of power, danger of blowing engine due to thin fuel , broken or clogged fuel filter, damaged fuel line

26-Jan-2007, 01:43 PM
Hmmmmm... mine can only set the warning limits leh.... so I used yr recommended settings as my high limit.... can't set low limit... heee heee... must use eyeball....