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    Closer look at the CAI
    Closer look at the CAI by Gargoyle
    Momo Leather Gear Knob
    Momo Leather Gear Knob by Devilan
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    Foot Well (1) Web by Mojave
  • [West] Bukit Batok Heavy Vehicle Carpark meetup 14/6/2013

    Purpose : Sale of sticker/decal + TCSS
    Venue: Bukit Batok Heavy Vehicle Carpark
    Date/Time: 14/06/2013 08:30PM Onwards.

    Everyone is welcome! To TCSS. Sale of decal/sticker will be on sale! NEWBIE FIRST TIME ORGANISING :) Its a Friday!!
    Contact No : Nick - 98262812

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind all attendees that for the safety and welfare of other Member(s) as well as the public, please DO NOT try or test drive cars during meetup(s) to prevent any unwanted attention or incident. Thank you.

    Confirmed List
    1. Nick88
    2. Tydan ( AUTO INSERT )
    3. Gargoyle
    4. XiaoBai (if F allows...)
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