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  • spyder

    by Published on 29-Dec-2011 09:45 PM

    Dear LMCians!

    Just some updates on our recent Charity Event for the Needy Family in Yishun.
    On 28/12/2011, Kenze Fizz (Kenz), Bernard Tan (59) & Myself (Spyder), went down together with Ms. Joey Lee, to visit the family and pass them the cash raised by LMC ($1,550). As it was the first visit for Kenze & Myself, the place looks neat and clean. Bernard commented that its much much much better than when he first saw it, with things in a mess, storeroom overloaded, no proper beds, bugs infestations, etc.

    The family is trying to get back to their daily lives, Father continues working to support his 2 young girls. The younger girl, who witnessed the shocking death of her mum, was traumatized and has been in and out of IMH, seeking treatment. After speaking to Ms. Joey, who is trying to help this family with her cell group, I found out that they have a family history of Schizophrenia, thus, it could have resulted in it being manifested. They have an older brother, who is in IMH (if I did not hear wrongly).

    Anyway, Ms. Joey and her cell group managed to raise about $3,000+ and managed to get some new as well as 2nd hand furnishings for the family. It was just enough for them to get this family back in order and the hospital treatment at IMH was unexpected. She is glad that LMC had managed to raise the funds and it would really come in handy and clearing the bills that they have incurred.

    Our initial motive was to help them get back with their lives, and upon hearing they needed help with the hospital bills, we made the decision to use the funds raised to help them pay it ($1,350). The remainder would be passed to the family to be used as they deem fit. I sincerely hope Members are okay with the decision, as they really need to clear the bills.

    I would like to once again, express my sincere gratitude to all who contributed in one way or another. Ms. Joey Lee was impressed and happy that we came forward and helped this family in such a manner. Special thanks to 59 on his effort too.

    Thank you everyone and with this note, I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy & Great 2012 ahead! :)
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