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    Post Classified Corner Rules & Guidelines

    Dear LMC Member,

    Here are some general Rules & Guidelines to observe while surfing / browsing the Classified Corner and its folders.
    Please take note that this is the only section in LMC for you to trade your personal possession(s).

    Note: If you are a Commercial Vendor, please refer to the Commercial Buy|Sell Section.
    Commercial Vendor refers to any Individuals / Companies / Workshops / Service Providers that provide(s) a sale(s) / service(s) in return for monetary gains (regardless of amount, meaning to earn money). If you are not sure if you belong to any of these categories, please kindly PM any Moderator(s) for assistance before posting any thread(s).

    01. Please take note that the Forum Rules & Guidelines apply in this section(s) as well;

    02. You are solely responsible for any transaction(s), trade(s), exchange(s), etc., either with or without any monetary nature, between you and any other Member(s) and LMC Forum only acts as a platform for such activities;

    03. You are responsible to help keep the forum clean and neat for other Member(s) usage;

    04. Each Member is allowed to create ONE thread to Buy, Sell, Exchange, or any combination(s) of the options in the thread;

    05. If you want to buy, sell or exchange a list of items, you are required to list all items in ONE thread. You can update the thread accordingly so Members would know the availability of the item(s);

    06. If you want to create a new thread, you are required to close your existing thread(s) first;

    07. Please take note that each thread would be automatically closed and archived to the Classified Archive Folder 14 days after thread creation regardless of any activity in the thread;

    08. If you find that your thread is being abused, please report to the Moderator(s) immediately;

    09. LMC shall have the right(s), but not the obligation, to monitor any thread(s) / post(s). LMC shall have the right to remove or delete any material(s) that LMC, in its sole discretion, found to be in violation of these terms or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate without having to provide any reason(s). In addition, LMC shall have the right to terminate your account with LMC if it believed that you have violated these terms or for any other reason(s) whatsoever, without prior notice to you;

    Team LMC.
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