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    Dear Members,

    The LMC Team would just like to drop a gentle reminder on TCSS in the LMC Forum. We have already allocated General Discussions & TCSS Folder for such purposes, as well as the LMC Chatbox for 'Live' Chats.

    Therefore, please try to refrain from excessive TCSS in threads that are meant for serious discussions. If a topic deviates too much from its original intention, Moderators would just drop a gentle reminder for Members to take note.

    Please note that its just a friendly reminder and we are not going to enforce it like a 'law' or 'rule' as TCSS is fun and even the LMC Team likes it, but we just do not want it to deviate too much from existing topic as respect for thread starter and fellow contributors.

    Please note that this guideline would not apply to HGG Folder, CO & OC Corner, CS5 Folder.

    Bottomline, please continue to TCSS throughout the LMC Forum, but try to cut down a little in serious discussions or threads. Thank you.

    Spyder, LMC Team
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