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    Default Camshafts Findings

    262 / 266 These are the cams you want for your lower to mid range RPM.

    272 These are what you will do for high rev rpm and rev cut. So you will usually go into the redzone with this. Power band 3.5 k upwards.

    -Springs and retainers are optional usually the OEM is good enough to last.
    -Cam adjustable is a must.

    Basic mod to compliment this are the basic Intake setup and Exhaust, followed by tuning

    The gain is significantly marvellous. Cheers.

    At 1st i was wondering if PnP is a must on the header, it is a good to have but not neccesary a must. The gain after the camshaft is there thou not sure how many ponies.
    But if you want to max out the cam, you might want to do that 1st.

    Please don't flame me, this is just what i experience. hehe.

    Everyone else that has done that can share your views opinions =)


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    Mod help me post it under CS3 Section of Engine and Servicing, post wrongly at the Lancer Ex side.

    Thanks and appreciate.

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    For a moment you almost got a follower in above mod until I saw your 2nd posting. =(
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    thanx for the input bro...its always good to share info n xperiences!!!!

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    hahah rev zone ps lah! but Ex also can do ! but i am not sure of the setup bro sorry !

    Vegetta Always welcome =) haha.

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    Bro Trust, u must be enjoying your mods now huh? Now can go pg liao!
    Ps: dont try on Sin expressway hor! Want to try go pg!

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    hahah ash yes! thanks! Soon PG haha. Need to get my gauges up for monitoring.

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    Hi, I am also considering fitting in cams for my 4B10 which is similar in design to a 4B11. Cams available in the market, ie Tomei are for a 4B11 T (Evo) and there are no specific cams for a 4B11 (NA).
    Could I ask a few questions?
    1. What is the HP gain when fitted with a mild cam like the 264?
    2. Any problems like check light encountered?
    Thank you.

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