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    Default Decal and Sticker

    Priced at S$6.00 per piece for either our decal or sticker.
    The new 2012 Lancer Motoring Club's sticker symbolizes the unification of all makes and models within our Club's classifications (CS2/3/5/EX/Evolution models) from Mitsubishi!

    LMC Sticker (Can be sticked anywhere)

    LMC Decal (Sticks on glass only)

    Official Launch Date: 22nd June 2012

    All members are encourage to feel free to approach any Carebear(s) during LMC Meetups for the purchases and sales.

    ** Important Note - LancerMotoringClub (LMC) reserves all rights to protect our official logos, designs, printed materials, either in the form of decals, stickers, electronically, digitally, either in soft copy or printed form. We will not hesitate to take action should there be any infringement to the club's rights and usage of the club's official logos, designs, etc.

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    we study hard so that people don't look down on us, we study even harder so that we don't look down on people...

    *p.s I am returning whatever knowledge that is taken from here by posting it back. I am not guru, not pro but just another LMC supporter. :cheers2:

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