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    Default engine oil check light on and off helppppppp!!!

    any bro can help analyse? today morning car was fine while on the way back realise the engine oil light was on when move off it goes off... then tap brake the engine oil light comes like faded then when comes to a full stop with the foot brake
    the engine lights come back on... parked wait 20 to 30 mins take the oil measurements was at the top bite of the dip wait 30 mins again took measurement still the same engine oil Looks healthy so i let it cool down further more
    then started the engine the lights was gone i drove to another parking lot the engine lights was back again OMG. when stationary the lights are on when i stationary press the accelerator the lights go off..

    any bros experience this type of engine problems before?

    pressure problems? sensor spoil? is it possible still safe to drive until the weekends where i go and see the mech?

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    Top bit of the dipstick? Should not be too high or low.
    Any oil pool under yr car b4 u drive off in the mng?

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    i just now drive off to check nv see fresh oil drips leh i see the top of the bonnet also nv find and oil spray..

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    got check engine oil level?

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    Maybe ur oil pressure sensor is faulty and it is not registering properly thus ur ECU has registered an error code, resulting in the appearance of the check light. Not sure if it is serious or not, I suggest u check with ur workshop over the phone whether if it is safe for u to drive or have it towed to ur workshop to have it checked by a code scanner to read the registered error code to find out which component is causing the prob. good luck
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    ok thx all for all the advice// went to check LUCKY sia its the oil switch... changed le problem solved! still thx all!

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    haha lucky for u bro. a switch cost much cheaper than a sensor. congrats on ur prob solved.

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    I am having this problem now too. Oil switch and sensor is it the same thing? How much does it cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCK View Post
    I am having this problem now too. Oil switch and sensor is it the same thing? How much does it cost?
    This is a small problem. An EO switch only cost $40-$50 including labour.

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    Hi Bros,I also facing this problem need helps here .can I know which workshop is reliable to solve this problem?

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    Happened to me yesterday. Engine oil level is at healthy level.
    Change switch $45 problem solved.

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    I just changed mine last month. haha

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