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    Default Volo VP12 performance Chip

    Anyone heard of VOLO VP12 performance chip before?

    I've order one, hopefully it do well!

    will update about it

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    how it works?? Plug and play?? Nice if u can give review in near future..
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    just collected my volo chip. it is plug and play connect to your obd. it need run about 250km before you can feel any different, which mention from the shop as well as the manual.
    it's a chip with 8 map.

    still running in, will update soon!

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    Hmm.. What does the 8 map means? From relaxed to aggressive map?

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    from what i head, it's had 8maps. they will choose by itself the best map to suit your car in term of performance.

    Volo chip have another is mainly for better fuel eco, they will choose the best itself to give you a better fuel, and your performance remain the same.

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    Oh, that sound cool? What the damage? Don't need to tune?

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    i can feel that there's different in performance. however it kinda burn my petrol.
    $250. no need to tune. as there's already map inside. you can choose for performance or fuel map. they will do it for u.

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    Bro, where you bought it??, can share a bit more on your live experiences on this chip>>>??..Thanks

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    Rpm went smoother and faster.
    Can contact dave from nights concept
    But advice is, if you don't look at petrol. This can be the one.
    My full tank 35little go only 350-380km with the chip

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    Hi TS,

    I am quite keen but can you share more on installations, performances, etc ??? Thanks

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    It's just plug and play to your obd2.

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    Anymore updates on the product?

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