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    Default Where to change speedo light for 'D' gear light?

    Anyone can tell me where to get replacement for my speedo lights? Including my gear light on speedo? My D blow and need to replace. Thanks

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    it should be a normal bulb inside bro..
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    For speedo gear indicator light is not normal T-5 bulb.. It's super small type same as those switches lighting bulb. You can just change the bulb use back the holder. Less than a dollar

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    If want to get the complete replacement (LED + Holder), may I know which shop sell it? Went to Stamford and they are not willing to get it for me.

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    anyone know if the light on D,N,P etc can change to different color? or even the arrow indicator can change color?
    looking for someone to do it for my glx but cant find

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