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    Default Traffic jam idling erratic

    Hi all,

    I having idling issue when waiting in a traffic jam, especially i on my A/C?
    Anyone know what is the issue? IDLE valve spoil? Common issue for Cs3?
    Any good workshop ?

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    ISC motor. go search a lot of threads on it.

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    Any idea how much is the damage? Any recommend WS?

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    I changed once before. can't recall exact cost le. $200 onwards. I changed mine at CH Motor.

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    Erm, my problem solved. My WS dismantle and clean the throttle body. He mention it is very dirty. After my idling went back to normal, even on traffic jam and on A/C.

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    ya throttle body also may cause fluctuations in engine idling. congrats for prob solved

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    Any idea how much is the charges for CH motor to provide cleaning on the throttle body?

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