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    Default Review about CS3 Auto after 7 years ownership

    Bought my cs3 auto in March 2009 at 44000. Chose CS3 is because it's much roomier than VIOS, and 10k cheaper than Altis. I have clocked 181000km so far. Just do regular servicing every 10k in JB workshop with my own oil and filter bought from stockist. The car is super reliable and the parts seem very durable.
    The wear and tear items I have changed.
    50k changed stock battery to Amaron 60A, lasted 4 years, changed to another Amaron at 150k mileage.
    70k, 180k changed front brake pad twice (all stock)
    90k, changed stock tires which still have a lot of thread left. currently on Michelim XM2 bought in JB at 215 per piece, tires still have a lot of threads now, but since need to change one more time, might as well change to new set next year.
    170k, aircon blow hot air when stuck in jam for more than 20 mins, when driving no problem. changed aircon fan cost 160rm at JB workshop , after that , problem rectified).
    180k changed stock engine mountings. (car vibrate when stop at traffic light, after replacing mounting, vibration gone.)
    90k changed timing belt (stock water pump can last 2 cycles of timing belt change).
    180k changed timing belt and water pump.

    My cs3 AUTO still can clock 530 to 550km constantly when fuel light on. Last tank I clocked 610km when light appear, in Singapore, not on NSHW! I believe the spark plugs I changed during 180k matters, introduced by the workshop boss, according to him the plugs can last 60k mileage.My driving pattern is 70% highway and 30% city, I dun drive slow, but always be gentle to the accelerator and try to brake less.

    RELIABLE( maybe more reliable than Thaiyota Altis)
    Spacious at the rear. My parents with my 2 kids(2 and 6) can sit behind from Singapore to Penang with no problem.
    Cheap to maintain, spent only 3600sgd to maintain this car until now. Sometime stretch to 15k km to change oil also no problem.
    Fuel economic, on paper is 14.4km/l which is really achievable in real life,not like those kimchi makes, only good on paper.
    The car is harder than you expected, rear ended by altis once and bang taxi once during 7 years ownership. My car damage was less than ALtis and comparable to Sonata Taxi, only need to repair rear and front bumper, but please don't compare it with BMW7 series or Volvo.

    Sound proof, car is very noisy, especially on NSHW. sound insulation almost doesn't exist.
    Rear floor is not flat, not like altis and vios.
    Very very very very basic(that's also why it's so reliable).
    Sitting position is low, headroom also very little.

    Overall no regret bought this CS3, it's so cheap yet serve the purpose as a family car. It has brought my family to Desaru, Genting , Cameron highlands and penang numerous times. For those intend to renew COE at 10th year, I will tell you just go ahead! you take care of CS3, it will take care of you!

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    Our CS3 is a workhorse. Mine also 180,000+km, going to replace water pump and timing belt soon. If you noticed, actually some newly laid road surface our CS3 is not noisy, only those expressway.

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    A very good and detail review of our Lancer CS3.
    just renew my COE last month at $56,583
    Very heart ache but renewing the COE is cheaper than buying a new car at almost $100,000

    As mentioned, our Lancer CS3, mine with a CVT transmission engine is very reliable but don't expect to have lots of power from this car.
    If power is what you wants, look for other car instead.
    If a smooth drive and pick up is what you are looking for, this is the car.

    I also drove into Malaysia, Penang, Cameron Highlands and Malacca numerous times and enjoyed every trip.
    Driving up Cameron Highlands using "Sports" DS mode is nice with adequate engine braking, love it.

    Above all, this car is cheap and comes with almost everything a car should have...

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    For CS3, just need to change oil, especially the gearbox oil, stick to Diaqueen SP3, change every 30k, CVT gearbox don't break down easily. Just do basic servicing and change the wear and tear items. So far the radiator , aircon system and alternator are still stock. Keep finger crossed. Engine is loud and durable, FC doesn't drop after so many years.

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