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    Default CS3 CVT Gear Box Issue

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has encountered any problems with your CS3 CVT Gear Box.

    My ride is currently 7 Years with 228K on the miles.
    Recently i noticed that for reversing or moving off from stop position, it literally sounded like an ancient pirate ship with all the rough grinding noise. The noise will not be audible from speeds of 20km/h onwards.
    When slowing down at speeds of 70-80km/h, it tends to jerk before shifting to a lower gear.

    Any transmission expert that you can recommend to have it checked?

    Thank you.

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    Oil change?

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    Engine mounting?

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    Time to change your car, Seriously it is better to send back to C & C for a thorough check up...

    They might cost more but if you intend to continue driving this car, they will give you peace of mind...

    Wow!!! 7 years old = 228Km ? That is a lot of driving...

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    Thanks guys for the suggestion.

    The root of problem finally revealed itself last Sat with a blown coolant / gearbox piping, resulting in a thick milkshake mix of coolant & gearbox oil.
    The hot coolant inlet to air con heater sprung a leak with hot milkshake and steam pissing out upon reaching office in Jalan Pemimpin.
    With the empty radiator top up with water, i managed to drive to the workshop in Sin Ming with 1 pitstop along the way to cool down and top up the radiator.

    Did a flushing of radiator, water pump, gear box, engine block cooling pipe and change of radiator rubber piping which has all ballooned itself for some reason.

    At least now i don't have the pirate ship grinding sound when on reverse or moving off like before.

    Still need to monitor the gear box / radiator for any more cross contamination or internal leaks etc...

    Thankfully its not the engine block coolant piping that is leaking - else have to flush the entire engine block.

    Always learning something new...

    Yes ... my mileage is scary 228K. Its really a tough car and i hope to be able to hit 300K mileage with no major breakdown (finger crossed).

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