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    Default Installing/ transferring of exhaust. Help pls :)

    Bought a Lancer Ex 1.5 today, wanted to install hks exhaust.

    If I buy from workshop (first hand) do I need to produce the car owner ic? Or the car owner must be there? (Ps: Car not under my name)

    If buy second hand exhaust, after I install and I go the the distributor do I need the car owner ic? The car owner must go down personally?

    After installing , go to sta need the car owner go down personally?

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    For both situation, need car ownee nric. U can ask fhe shop(if buying first hand) if need the owner to be present or not. If 2nd hand, can ask garage r(where i transfer cert ownership).

    For inspection, definately need car owner nric. That also u have to check if owner needs to come down. Maybe write an authorisation letter?
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    yup can write auth letter ...
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    Thanks checked with the garage they don't need the owner nric

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