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    Hi guys I am Lio 21 here.

    Recently changed car from 1.6glx to Lancer Ex 1.5.

    Feel that lancer ex is lacking of power.

    Is the speed lose to glx 1.6?

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    Because ex body is heavy. not much power + heavy body = slow acceleration.. :)
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    Ya. Very sad.

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    Take it as a safer car.

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    U'll like lancer ex very much when travel along NS highway in Malaysia, the car is much more stable and comfort compare to glx. I feel the engine is also more revvy although pick not so good.

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    Thanks bros. Will look on the bright side.

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    bro just to share I experienced better pick up after changing to a K&N filter. A friend of mine recommended me the Pivot 3 throttle controller but I have not tried.

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    you're not buying the power of the 1.5 bro, what you're buying is the safety and also stability of the car, further more the level of luxury functions (in 2008 era) which only high end contis enjoyed such as keyless entry/ auto headlight/ auto rain sensor and so on.

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    I'm on hurricane ss filter & pivot throttle controller.. The controller really helps if u r looking for better pickup.. Sp7.. Hehe.. But most of the time, i drive relax..

    I dont find anything sad tho.. I love mitsubishi cars. Was from cs3.. Had a stint with subaru.. Ohwell no comments :) and i came back for EX. I must say of all.. EX when travelling highway, u dun feel like u are speeding. Sometimes i didnt realised i hit 110km/h.. Cruising there..
    Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3 2011-2013
    Subaru Impreza TS 2013-2015
    Mitsubishi Lancer EX CY2A 2015-

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    K&N Apollo and pivot confirm better. As lancer Ex down gear floor abit lag and rpm go up very slow. Where got good lobang install this Two kindly pm me

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