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    Default Avoid this workshop that will treat your car like rubbish.

    Can't tolerate when people earn our hard earn money and still treat our precious car like rubbish!!

    Dear all car lovers please share around ,

    On 26 of Dec 2015 , went to Still Racing International Pte Ltd to preorder bodykit . Upon making full payment , we asked how long will it take to install the bodykit . They mentioned that it would be done on the same day, if we hand over the car in the morning we will be able to collect the car at night.

    After the bodykit arrived we went down and they said a different story from 1 day it became 2 days. We were upset and went to approach the manager as he was the one who told us it would only takes 1 day to complete, the manager insist that it was a miscommunication and offered us a free interior and exterior polish.

    Today we called at 2pm+ they said the car was still not ready as the polish require 3 hours....... Upon going down earlier, we saw our brand new Prelli tyre was deflated. They said it was already deflated when we pass them the car... So we didn't bother to argue much because there is no proof. But i believe the chances of the screw found in their garage is much more higer than on the road will upload the photo later....

    Their so called car polish cant even compare with a normal car wash is so amazing will upload of the amazing car polish done by Still Racing International Pte

    Upon leaving i couldn't start the car, as the staff left the gear on reverse.

    Photo is uploaded in Fb ps:
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    This shop was know as silent previously b4 change to still racing.
    I see so many bad reviews regarding them...

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