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    Default Cheated by an LMC member Alvin NaiHong or Jia Hong

    Dear people

    Anyone knows this person? He sold me a spoilt cs3 aircon compressor and refused to return back my money. I paid $150 for the compressor i bought from him in Carousell. He claimed the compressor can be used but after i sent my car to the workshop and fixed it does'nt work. Whatsapp him about this he claimed that the time he used it was OK. But i told him i was at the workshop and witness everything done by the mechanic. He promised to get back to me on wednesday 10aug16 but he went MIA after i whatsapp and called him no reply. Claimed he was overseas but i called his hp tone is in sg. His name is Alvin Nai Hong or Jia Hong living in CCK. Last saw him driving a grey modded vios after he took my cash for the compressor. He also claimed that he had no car. Never noticed the plate number as he drove off quickly to avoid me seeing him. I will make a police report if he tries to be funny with me. His fb Alvin Nai Hong.

    By the way he is an LMC member and founder of Party Shine car mobile grooming. Be a man pls dont hide.
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    At last he transferred back my cash. His compressor is still with me which i believe he does not want it back since its already piang but i still keep it thinking what if he bullshit the other way round. Even if its only $150 but its still money and i wont let you get away with it. Last but not least, mods pls beware of this person as he rant about in his FB with racist remarks. And a few of his friends that dont know the real story started to rant by threatening us. Well im not even scared an inch. Ive been very very nice and polite throughout the whole process and he wanna start this racist thing go ahead.
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