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    Unhappy Kim Hoe Tyres Rotation

    On 5th Aug 2016, visit Kim Hoe at Ubi for a tyre rotation, attend by a new chap which I never meet before for last 20+ years.
    I request to do a tyre rotation so chap told me $20, I am fine with it so he continue the job - removed the front & rear tyres & intended to install the front with the rear tyre,
    I am surprised so I stop him & ask do u need to do a balancing? He replied another $5!
    Do I need to do a tyre rotation without balancing?
    After he done the job, I went to look for the in-charge I usually liaised with & paid the usual $10 as he always charged me.
    When I go back to my car, the chap run to me & said "How can I lie to him I agreed what to pay him $20+$5". But did he do a good job if I didn't stop him for front tyre balancing?
    Its was my off day & after a long shift work, my mind didn't want to be spoilt by this nonsense & in-educated chap, out of my sympathy for his desperation for money, I gave another $10.
    Kin Hoe has been a very good tyre workshop & good service attended! Maybe they may look into any new chap reaction & improve more. Don't let small issue spoilt the reputation for more than 40 years!

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    tyre rotation usually charged under servicing costs or wheel balancing costs. varies from workshops bah.

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