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    Default tuning pricing

    hi all,

    i am new to this forum, just want to check what the market price for Unichip Q tuning?

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    I assumed u already have your chip with u? The last time I retuned mine was around 180-200 I think.

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    i just called Ch motor, they quoted me 350$ :(
    btw if i going to change timing belt in next servicing, should i wait til i changed the timing belt then do tuning?

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    wah. their price increased so much?

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    timing belt no issue la. unless u don't mind do all together lor. save time haha

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    hi Kangwei,

    just 1 more noob question.
    as this car i just bought 6mth ago, from outside issit able to see whether there is exsiting piggyback on my car?
    scally there is 1 and i still go buy 1 to put, that will be really LOL. liao

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    urs is CS3 right? I remember my old car the chip was installed behind the passenger compartment.. open can see le.. CH claimed that's the best spot to put the chip as it is nearest to ECU.. not sure about other piggybacks.. better to get the professionals to check first lo or u check with ur previous owner if u know..

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    i bought from car dealer, so cant check with previous owner.
    yesturday went down CH, but cant tune LOL.
    cos need to re run in 98 petrol as i using 95 now lol.
    will ask Jo to check when next time go down again.

    thank for the reply KW bro,
    seem like not much ppl active in this forum.
    glad that still got pro ppl around to ans.

    thank alot

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    Most friends I knew here have changed rides and moved on already.. forum is quiet for some time liao.. I also just changed ride recently.. sometimes free just come in see see look look..

    btw bro no need to tune on 98. 95 is very good for CS3 already. if u tune on 98, it's not advisable to use a lower ron. if tune on 95, still can use higher ron when u wish to.

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    hi KW bro,

    thank for the advise. will tuen on 95 then. any advise for rim? like what brand rim? i planning to change to 16"

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    Tuning u can also consider other methods like ECU reflash etc. Rims I'm not very sure bro. But I feel the best is still stock ralliart rims. One of the lightest, give the best FC & made in Japan.

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    @KW bro,

    just done my tuning @ CH motor, Jo also advise stay with stock ralli rim.
    guess will hold on this rim atm haha.

    thank for the advise.

    happy CNY

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    welcome bro. I hope u enjoyed ur tuning. happy CNY to u too

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    Hi KW, how's your new ride? I have changed to MPV also due to increase in family members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wen2202 View Post
    Hi KW, how's your new ride? I have changed to MPV also due to increase in family members.
    Hey bro! Long time no hear from u. My ride's fine, just another 2nd hand car. Wanted to get a MPV too but butt itchy went for an Accord. Yours Wish or Stream?

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    Hi Bro!

    Got my ride one year ago and my FC is still quite bad with 10km/l with light footer, and i dont know what the previously owner did to the car so is it recommended to perform tuning? i intend to renew this GLX for another 5 years because i frequent msia

    anyone has alex's contact to tune my car?
    thanks you so much!

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    Transformation of my ride throughout the years...

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