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    Default EX Soundproofing (Roof) DIY

    Hi bros and sisters..

    I'm sure many EX owners are familiar with the noise the roof generates during heavy downpour, which has been happening quite often for the past week.

    The noise was so bad that I decided to DIY soundproofing the roof. Looking at the service manual, it seems pretty easy.. So I decided to give it a try during this holiday break. Pictures to follow...

    Take your time and start from the front. Take care not to tear or damage headliner as it is quite thin.

    1) Take out sun visors (two screws), map light (just pry lightly using plastic trim remover), overhead handles (two screws each)
    2) Pull out A pillar cover (left and right) to loosen the headliner
    3) Pull out B pillar circular cover (pry out using a thin piece of plastic, be sure not to scratch the plastic too much)
    4) Take out centre dome light (2 screws)
    5) Pry out rear headliner clips (x2) + C pillar covers (just pull it inwards and towards you)

    Try not to damage the rear headliner clips as they can be quite fragile, I broke one while removing it

    Keep all your clips and screws properly so you won't lose them. For me I kept them in the front and rear door storage area (near the speakers)

    Measured about one soundproofing sheet each for front and rear roof sections. Each about 1 m x 0.5 m:

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    When done, the headliner should be free. Lower your front seats to get more room and allow the headliner to go down:

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    For front and rear, I cut each section into 4 pieces for easier installation, leaving small gaps between pieces. Depending on your preference, you may not want to leave any gaps and just install one big piece. Entirely up to you.

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    Once done, try tapping on the areas not covered by soundproofing and compare it to the soundproofed area. You will be surprised. Or if the weather permits, go for a test drive in the rain, preferably heavy downpour.

    Total time spent (doing this alone) was 2.5 hours, including taking pictures. If you have someone assisting it would be faster.

    Cost : around $50-60 for 2 sheets of soundproof mat
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    Nice one!

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