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    Question Lancer CS3 - Jerking/Shuddering occasionally during acceleration.

    Hi All,

    Would like to get some advice/guidance here.

    I'm driving a manual CS3 and sometimes during acceleration, the car seems to not get enough "power" and it jerks/studders. The feeling is very similar to when car is in low rpm and wrong gear and it struggles to pick up speed/rpm.

    Hoping someone can shed a light on what could be done and the cost?

    Thanks in advance!

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    What's your mileage? I had this problem for the past 1 year. Changed gearbox, rebuilt my engine, new ISC control valve, even my stock exhaust is changed to drift racing exhaust. Now the car doesn't jerk anymore.

    The cost of all this? 6k up

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    my cousin had this issue before. try swapping your ignition coils with a friend. see if it disappears.

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    start with low cost first.. like coils, tb , oils
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