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    Default Duplicate of original car key

    Hi all, can I check if anyone know where to duplicate original car key and cheap?
    My key is a 3 button and can I check if there?s any chip for my car key? Your advice is greatly appreciated! 🙏🏻

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    Likely yours is keyless entry type, so there is a chip inside. The shell casing with spare key blank can be bought from aliexpress or taobao.

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    Means I’ll have to get online key and bring to any shop for programming right?
    Do you know how much is it likely to cost me?

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    Many years ago, dealers will charge > $300+ duplicate the key. Now probably more, and those corner shops likely will now also be $300+.

    Try the Turf City one or the one at IMM just to get a quote. Worse come to worse, just use manual entry and try not to loose the only chip!

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