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  1. 2nd/3rd batch Lancer Ex 1.5 quieter exhaust, less noiser.
  2. Apexi Drop In Filter For EX
  3. Any bros remove Air intake resonator box for a quiet ride?
  4. noisy whining engine during acceleration.
  5. Whats your FC like after changing to Open Pod
  6. Where to buy exhaust tip for my 1.5
  7. confused about air intakes
  8. My custom Axle back 2.5"!!
  9. FUJITSUBO Exhaust is here!!!!!!!!!
  10. Need helps
  11. What do I need to remove the moo moo sound in my 2.0?
  12. Oct 08 - New batch of EX 1.5L with more silent exhaust pipes
  13. Tail pipe.
  14. removing the VROOOM sound ...
  15. Cold Air Intake..
  16. Drop in Filters
  17. deformed hurri... air filter
  18. hurricane drop in filter
  19. air filter
  20. EX GT queries
  21. Bore Throttle Body
  22. help to install K & N open pod
  23. K&N Typhoon.
  24. new EX air filter
  25. operated EX. what will you all do when inspection come?
  26. guys how to make my car sound louder and deeper?
  27. Hissing sound from under-carriage
  28. Air Charger
  29. need help on Drop-in AF
  30. Rear Bumper for Twin Exos?
  31. Questions on K&N drop-in filter
  32. HKS Hi-Power and Throttle Controller
  33. K&N Filter where to get cheap?
  34. Injen CAI Install
  35. need help on exhaust
  36. Heat Shield
  37. Fujitsubo vs HKS Hi-power Exo
  38. lobang for exo tip
  39. A Good CLOSE POD for 1.5EX AUTO
  40. need air filter, any recomandation?
  41. QUestion on how to carry on with my setup.
  42. legal modification
  43. Any bros on EvoX original twin pipe?
  44. Hks exos
  45. Stock Intake(k&n drop in) with fuji exhaust
  46. Best price for hurricane drop in filter
  47. just shorten my stock air inlet duct
  48. to decat or not to decat! opinions pls!
  49. What other mods for EX besides the commonly discussed ?
  50. HKS Super Hybrid can fit on our EX?
  51. Fujitsubo exhasut has arrived..
  52. where can i get hks muffer??
  53. Change to Apexi Open Pod
  54. K&N Filter louder than stock
  55. Where to buy K&N Typhoon?
  56. Extractor
  57. Simota carbon charger
  58. legal exhaust
  59. K&N drop-in filter cause throttle body faulty?
  60. Found Fuji a bit too soft
  61. found fuji too soft?
  62. enquiry on installing exhaust
  63. Is It Truth?
  64. Hurricane Drop in (or any drop)- no effect for ex ??
  65. Open Pod with Fuji ok?
  66. Simota carbon charger intake system ii
  67. Fuji exos; help.
  68. Simota filter
  69. Opinions on which aftermarket drop-in to get for 1.5 EX?
  70. Fuji Exhuast Query
  71. Hurricane air filter
  72. K&N Apollo kit Vibrate
  73. Legal Exhaust For 1.5 EX Sports
  74. Fujitsubo & HKS Sound Clip Request
  75. Change to Legal Exhaust For New Car Void C&C Warranty?
  76. Fujisubo Unbearable Back Passenger?
  77. Sound Proofing How Much?
  78. Fujisubo or HKS exos
  79. HKS Exos
  80. how much is a 2nd hand fuji?
  81. Fuji Exhaust Servicing Issue & Buying
  82. Fujitsubo With Stock Bumper
  83. Please advice on open pod and carbon charger
  84. which AF is better for fuji exos?
  85. EX e-Throttle issue....
  86. Open Pod vs Closed Pod
  87. which shop tat sells fuji exos?
  88. Wtb fuji exhs for 2l (m)
  89. fuji exos
  90. What is the measning of TB?
  91. anyone who had installed or know about fujitsubo exos please come in, thanks~!
  92. Noisy sound issue for old batch EX
  93. FK no stock for FUJI atm :(
  94. C&C Servicing With Fujitsubo Exhaust! Help!
  95. 1.5 EX with HKS/Fuji exos staying @ North-East Area
  96. Takeda AFE
  97. how to identify 2010 muffler
  98. Anyone installed open pod + cai please help:)
  99. Straight/S-Flow/Split or Y
  100. Any 1.5L EX on Apollo kit?
  101. Air Intake
  102. will c&c void our warranty if we install HKS exhaust?
  103. Using HKS exhaust with PU Evo X replica diffuser.
  104. Contact for racetech?
  105. Comments on illegal muffler
  106. Twin Exhaust pipes with Stock Muffler
  107. queries..help me pls..
  108. Fuji Exo
  109. Question for bro or sis with EX GT manual
  110. C.a.i
  111. modded their fuji for performance
  112. De-cat or high flow cat?
  113. resonator removal
  114. How to find out if the exhaust has been modified??
  115. Anyone installed the new Simota Carbon Charger II?
  116. advice needed. :)
  117. Review of the Hurricane Airfilter
  118. Simota Aeroform for EX1.5?
  119. air filter and ECU matters
  120. Simota Aerofoam from GLX to EX 1.5
  121. Fuji exhuast vibration
  122. open pod on gt 2.0 auto, advisable..?
  123. Drop in or open pod with CAI
  124. New LTA Compliant Exhaust for our Lancer
  125. Question about muffler tips
  126. HKS Legalmax
  127. Help! Oil smell when I ram the engine hard
  128. Do you think your exhaust is too loud?
  129. Simota Carbon Charger review
  130. Questions regarding fixing Simota Carbon Charger on stock EX 2.0 CVT
  131. About air filters
  132. Case Study : Which Exhaust Muffler Gives the Most Power?
  133. Fuel intake line
  134. simota aerofoam n simota carbon charger
  135. HKS dummy exhaust
  136. Dummy fuji exhaust
  137. Anyone mod mid pipe?
  138. About Drop in Raillart air filter
  139. KNN Drop in
  140. Fujitsubo Exhaust
  141. Faq
  142. Fujitsubo or Hks Exhaust
  143. Fujitsubo User in Woodlands Area...
  144. New to Lancer...
  145. air intake
  146. Some Exhaust question..
  147. 4-2-1 better than 4-1??
  148. Q: Evo X Stock Exhausts On Lancer EX?
  149. Silent Sport Exhaust
  150. hello
  151. Recommend shops for HKS dummy Exhaust
  152. Any advice for which exhaust to change?
  153. Changing Drop in Close pod to open pod
  154. K&N filter faulty?
  155. Lta approved exhaust system
  156. Fuji exos + E10 diffuser
  157. NEED ADVISE on air filter!
  158. opinions on CAI
  159. Open Pod
  160. Knn apollo
  161. new help/advice
  162. Anyone using HOT BITS mufflers here???
  163. mid pipe and extractor for ex 1.5a
  164. OEM lancer ralliart airintake
  165. How to prevent water seeping into airbox?
  166. mid-pipe
  167. advice on extractor and mid-pipe
  168. advice on mid-pipe
  169. Air diverter / Wind deflector
  170. Advice on exhaust
  171. Ringing sound in exhaust, pls help
  172. HKS Drop In Air Filter for Lancer EX GT..
  173. LancerEX 2.0A, low FC
  174. Enquire Regarding on an Open Pod- K&N open pod,Hks open pod or Apexi open pod?
  175. Throttle Body Coolant Bypass
  176. Any bro 1.5 on BMC DIA COLD Air intake
  177. Evo Stock Air Box
  178. I just fix fuji muffler. Still lack pick up n power.. What should i do??
  179. reduce the moo sound for my lancer ex 2008 in EGYPT
  180. Current Market Price for HKS Exhaust
  181. Size of Mid pipe
  182. Twin exos for lancer ex 1.5
  183. Twin live exos
  184. K&N Typhoon Kit
  185. Changing of owner/vehicle for 2nd hand LTA approved muffler
  186. Head shield (drop in) with white snail
  187. PIPERCROSS Air Filter PP1762
  188. pros and cons
  189. pros and cons
  190. Advise needed for Fujitsubo Exhaust
  191. Any good tuners for 1.5 to recommend ??
  192. EPS Magic Mesh (Intake)
  193. 4 2 1 extractor or Operator muffler or reflash ecu ??
  194. Transfer of exhaust
  195. Advice Needed: K&N Drop-in vs Typhoon Kit for EX-GT(A)
  196. Ninja V2 capsule filter
  197. Any Bro staying in Bukit Panjang with either Fuji or HKS?
  198. Takeda short ram or knn typhoon
  199. what shall i mod 1st ? for pickup :D
  200. will evo x air intake fit on lancer x ?
  201. SuperCircuit 4-2-1 anyone used it ?
  202. Evo Exo on EX: Legal or Illegal?
  203. Lobang for exhaust and air intake
  204. HKS Exhaust...
  205. Fuji better or hks better?
  206. Advice on which exhaust to get
  207. Any bros on hks exchaust at west side?
  208. Newbi
  209. Fuji if wif extractor 4-2-1... Need feedback...
  210. Side plant
  211. Fix S/S muffler
  212. Bore Trottle Body For Lancer EX 2.0A GT
  213. Open Pod Air Filter
  214. Is there such a thing as ColdAirIntake for lancer ex 2.0A ?
  215. Those on stock intake & Ralliart snorkel should have this ............
  216. Hissing Sound from undercarriage
  217. Apollo on 2.0L trouble (MAF sensor)
  218. Center Box (Resonator)
  219. Aeroform for lancer Ex 1.5
  220. used exos n hayden atf cooler
  221. New Twin Exhaust?
  222. lancer ex 1.5 and 2.0 mid pipe is the same?
  223. Closed pod
  224. Modified Mid pipe woes
  225. Procedures to Sell Fuji Exhaust
  226. Where to wash k&n drop in Air Filter.
  227. looking for lancer ex 2.0A gt exhaust
  228. Dampen Hks Hi Power Exhaust
  229. Any workshop provide full vacuum line upgrade/service/testing?
  230. Dummy Fuji Muffler for 1.5Ex
  231. Exhaust faulty need to repair
  232. Changing of owner for HKS muffler
  233. Right procedure for changing to a 2nd hand lta approved exhaust?
  234. "URGENT" - Looking to borrow "STOCK MID-PIPE" for Lancer EX 1.5 for inspection.
  235. Evo X Cooling plate/panel
  236. exhaust giving out noise.. pls advise
  237. Fuji or hks?
  238. K&N Apollo air intake
  239. Injen Cold Air Intake
  240. HKS Racing Suction Kit or K&N Typhoon Air Intake System?
  241. Welding Additional Hanger At Mid Pipe
  242. hks exhaust, capable of setting car alarms off
  243. HKS hi Power Exhaust
  244. HKS High Power VS Hotbits
  245. HKS hi power exhaust system
  246. How much does a legal Exhuast cost ?
  247. So I finally got a Fuji muffler...
  248. De-cat for 1.5 EX
  249. HKS to Fuji
  250. twin exo