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  • Lancer Motoring Club - Better Surfing Experience

    Dear Members,

    As we strive to give you a better surfing experience. We have a list of exciting new features coming your way. The current design will be template. We have a new design theme which estimate will be out sometime next week with our original red and black color

    We are also moving into mobile platform! That's means very soon you will be able to get foc apps that is develope by LMC to surf on to go without using your original browser! This will be out sometime Q3 as part of the plan to improve LMC.

    Do feel free to feedback any issue that you have face with the new system.

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    1. assault_ex's Avatar
      assault_ex -
      Good.. Cos this current template sucks BIG time..I cant view with my iphone... I check LMC every day cos at my work place im like the informer/dealer/negotiatier for all type of lancer.. My workplace got around 6 ppl driving CS3 and 5..

      Just to add a few ideas.. Most important must be Iphone friendly.. 2nd make it look the same as the web view..
    1. darkwolf's Avatar
      darkwolf -
      Thank you for your feedback. Please do take note that this template is to be view in a full view computer screen which is what was design for. The reason of the recently upgrade is to make way for our mobile platform.

      We understand that people are now browsing on the move. The previous version of our platform are not able to support that. Please do bare with us for a couple of weeks while we take time to improve the community together. There will definitely be an free app version of our forum platform available in apple store and andriod market shortly to give you a better surfing experience as an alternatively

      As I would like to deploy all the upgrade together please note that I have a full-time job and I doing this base on hobbies and interest.
    1. Pineapple's Avatar
      Pineapple -
      HI, the current theme only looks ok with firefox. if i use opera or chrome or IE its totally off.
    1. wind's Avatar
      wind -
      no prob for me on iphone & IE8...
      is gd to see LMC r improving from times to times...
      especially DW & all the CBs dont get paid for tat... thumbs up!!! ^_^
    1. Razor's Avatar
      Razor -
      Tried on win7 IE, Chrome and Firefox. Also in iPhone and iPad Safari. No problems viewing actually.

      But i have encountered sometimes while viewing through iPhone or iPad safari browser, when i try to reply to a post/create new thread, the words are all not visible while typing, although when i click create or reply, they appear as a thread/post as per normal.

      Also, Rain and one other member have encountered another problem that they are unable to click on the username box to type in the username on iPhone. Rain also further mentioned that he was not able to type in his password into the password box as you weren't able to click on the box on his iPhone. *EDIT - this can be fixed by logging in using the "Home" page instead of the "Forum" page.

    1. OreoChips's Avatar
      OreoChips -
      Wind: Upz for you too. :D haha.

      dw: when doing reply to threads, maybe current URL codes should be differentiate like before(blue) or auto underlined at least. FYIP.

      Hi Pineapple: Try refreshing the page and if it doesn't work, clear cache n cookies of your web browser.

    1. assault_ex's Avatar
      assault_ex -
      Dear darkwolf,
      u state that the previous ver not able to support mobile viewing?? i doubt so.. i have no prob with the previous ver.. Im not against apps but most apps forum i try are not easy to use.. just my 2 cents worth...
    1. tydan's Avatar
      tydan -

      just to feedback on the our new system.

      I've tried logging in with different machines using chrome
      1) HP laptop 8530P (no problem)
      2) dell E5400 (site layout gone)
      3) ThinkPad X220 (site layout gone)

    1. Razor's Avatar
      Razor -
      Assault_ex - dw means mobile apps.

      Tydan - Try clearing cookies and history and all the temp files using your browser, then log in again. =)
    1. Snow's Avatar
      Snow -
      The logo not nice =too dark .. the alightment for the profile all in left .. looks weird. maybe the wording like a bit too big la.. haha...

      I still like the previous layout la
    1. wind's Avatar
      wind -
      grey color bkground cant reali see wat u typin in chatbox...
      stil prefer previous black color bkground... cool ^_^
    1. peDerg's Avatar
      peDerg -
      de last one can surf thru iphone safari... i like... how abt dis new one?
    1. Khoen's Avatar
      Khoen -
      FIREFOX > IE8 & Chrome. hah

      good job thus far, everything seems fresh.. looking forward to the LMC APP!
    1. darkwolf's Avatar
      darkwolf -
      All browser should be resolved now. Please let me know if the problem still persist. Thanks
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