Hello Bro & Sis! First of all welcome to LMC. I know you are very excited to mod your own ride but we need to take 1 thing at a time. Lancer is a very good car for new owners joining to the drivers group to let you get on hand knowing more about cars before you get start touching on those performance cars.

First. You need to book your car first. Getting a good SE is important. A good SE not only give you competitive pricing but also good knowledge of the car and also the information of owning one.

For example
- Loans
- Break even point
- Cars functionality
- Warranty Cover and the list goes on.

Second. After getting your car you should be running your car. As always advice don't do any mod till probably 5k or 10k which is your 2nd or 3rd servicing. This is to verify that all your car parts are in working condition therefore if this is any issue you can claim immediately with the car agent.

This will also give you a chance to plan you budget to do what you want and work out your own modification car. Feel free to approach any bros, sis or bears for information on modding. I'm sure all will be willing to share their knowledge with you. Unless if you have deep pocket then by all means go ahead and try out all.

Third. After getting into modding do have an image what do you want to achieve at the end of the day then plan and work towards that their direction.

Normally we categories into 3 type of modification.

1 - Cosmetic.
In terms of installing bodykit , Led Lights to make the car looks nice.

2 - Performance
In terms of increasing Horse Power. Lighten weight project , Air-Intake System , Exhaust System and others*

3 - ICE
ICE = In Car Entertainment System. In terms of audio craze. Installing high powerful woofer , amps and speakers to make your ride looks cool.

Last but not least do join us for our regular meet up. Don't be shy just come down and approach and bros to talk. I'm sure they are willing to share with your on their ride and experience in modding.