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    Default 4x114.3 to 5x114.3 adaptor

    Hi all,

    I'm gonna scrap my CS5 in a few months time and plan to get a CS3.

    I wanna salvage and transfer over my full Brembo BBK (incl E9 Brake Pump) and rims (5x114.3) over to the CS3.

    May i know anyone who has done it before?
    If so, any issues faced?
    Which shop can professionally do it?
    Where can i get the adapters from?

    Hope someone can help me out with this as I really want to keep this items.
    It'll be very painful to scrap them.

    Thank you very much and wishing everyone a blessed and pleasant new year :-)

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    the calipers sould be fine, rotor to redrill...

    for rims u need those spacers but might need to custom there...

    just a thought, why not renew ur cs5?

    Transformation of my ride throughout the years...

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    Not everyone can afford to renew COE.

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